Formation of Task Force

Dear Fellow Broker Members,

After deliberation among the Directors, it is agreed to form “Task Force”  for various issues i.e. Revamp of AOA, Rewards, FDI, GST.

Accordingly the following “Task Forces” have been formed and all members are requested to send their suggestions to the respective “Task Force” for necessary action.



  Task Force Objective Members Email address
1 Rewards To ensure the implementation of Reward as per IRDA Regulations Arvind Khaitan, Vijay Rampal, Hemang Jangla, Girish Malik
2 Revamping of IBAI’s Article of Association As per the need of the Today’s Member S K Jain, Hemang Jangla, Ramakrishna V
3 Identify the Friendly Insurer Conduct comprehensive E survey amongst broker members to identify, publish and celebrate broker friendly insurers to encourage right behaviour from Insurers across various parameters Kapil Mehta, Girish Malik, TL Arunachalam, Ajay Bansal, Kishan Agrawal,
4 FDI-In Insurance Broking: Grievances of the Members Arvind Khaitan, S K Jain, Ramakrishna V, Mukesh Jain
5 GST / Service Tax on reinsurance Brokerage To take up the matter with the Govt to exmpt GST on reinsurance broekerage Akhilesh Jain, TL Arunachalam, Ramakrishna V

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