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INSURANCE BROKERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA (IBAI) is the IRDA-recognized apex body of all licensed insurance brokers in India.

An insurance broker can save you, the insurance buyer, time, money and worry. Insurance is a wasted purchase if it doesn't provide cover when disaster strikes. Many people unwittingly put their livelihoods at stake, under-insure or overinsure, because they did not seek the right advice.

Whether you are arranging car, house, life or business insurance, brokers represent you, the buyer. They shop around, provide advice, arrange the insurance and help with claims. It's a broker's job to provide you with the most comprehensive and appropriate protection to suit your needs.

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11th Annual General Meeting of IBAI Members will be held
on Friday 7th September 2012 at 11.30 AM.

at, Cricket Club of India,
C. K. Naidu Banquet Hall,
Mumbai – 400 020.

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