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  • APIsLive Broker Platform is a cloud-based solution that digitally transforms insurance broking.

    APIsLive Broker Platform is a cloud-based solution that digitally transforms insurance broking.

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    The platform offers quote-to-customer digitisation of insurance processes and streamlines the Broker-POS Partner and Broker-End customer interaction with a unified front-end, that can be over the broker’s website or an independent portal. The SaaS based APIsLive Broker Portal is an easy-to-adopt solution that integrates seamlessly with any existing IT infrastructure and enables the broking team with a web portal for both customers and POS Partners.


    Meeting ID: 816 2966 4445
    Passcode: 421368
  • IBAI- 5th Issue iBroker Magazine.

    Hi all,


    We would like to share another issue of iBroker Volume IBAI have started a new initiative of interviewing the CEOs of Insurers. We have PB Insurance Broker giving us insights about technology. Look forward for brokers to contribute and make this publication a great one.

    Here we go with the 5th issue of the iBroker magazine.. Hope you all enjoy reading it and please do share it to your customers and other stake holders.


    Sundaram Varadan




    IBroker – Issue 5_IBAI

  • Inviting nominations and participation in the ICC 3rd Emerging Asia Insurance Conclave & Awards 2021, to be organized in March 05, 2022, at Kolkata, India

     Inviting nominations and participation in the ICC 3rd Emerging Asia Insurance Conclave & Awards 2021, to be organized in March 05, 2022, at Kolkata, India

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    All Broker Members,


    Dear Sirs,

    Below is the invitation received from Indian Chamber of Commerce, Kolkata, inviting nominations and participation in the ICC 3rd Emerging Asia Insurance Conclave & Awards 2021, to be organized in March 05, 2022, at Kolkata, India. 


    IBAI Members may wish to apply for the Best Broker 2021 category by providing the requisite data based on criterion indicated for the Broker category in the link available on the ICC website


    We suggest that nominations may kindly be sent to the Organizers by the 25th on January, 2022 to avoid last minutes crowding.


    We also recommend for your participation in this unique one and half day’s event and make the most from it.


    Best regards,

    Alphonso Vaz

  • Outlook Money is conducting insurance Summit on 22nd January 2022

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    All IBAI Members,


    We are happy to inform you that Outlook Money, India’s Best Personal Finance Magazine, is coming up with the 2nd Edition of the “Outlook Money Insurance Summit”, titled “Unlocking The Next Wave of Growth”.  The Summit will have an all-virtual format and will be held on January 22, 2022, and your Association IBAI is associated with it as the outreach Partner for the Summit.


    The Summit will have four plenary sessions, apart from the Keynote address and Fireside Chat and aims to focus on what’s next for the insurance industry and discuss the challenges on the road ahead. Some of the best of Industry leaders are expected to discuss all this and more, including the growing role of technology and innovation, and what lies ahead for the customers.


    We therefore recommend to you not to miss out  this opportunity and nominate as many of your senior level Officers for this unique and important Insurance Summit.

    Please find below the link for the registration: 



    We are hopeful that IBAI members will register for this event in good numbers making the event a grand success.

    Best regards,

    Alphonso Vaz

  • The Economic Times Insurance Summit 2021

    To ,
    All IBAI Members,

    Dear Sir / Madam

    IBAI is Supporting Association Partner for The Economic Times Insurance Summit 2021, scheduled for 2nd December 2021 from 9.30am to 3.30pm.

    The ET Insurance Summit in its 8th year will aim to highlight some of the pertinent issues and challenges faced by the industry in the present economic scenario and collectively chart a roadmap to enable the Indian Insurance Industry become globally competitive.

    The Summit is the most comprehensive platform available to insurance professionals to gain insights on the key trends around penetration, products and distribution channels as well as understand how is the regulatory architecture is shaping up the sector thereby supporting the economic growth of the nation.

    The Economic Times Insurance Summit 2021 is a one-day initiative designed to bring together 300+ Insurance and business leaders and technology heads to discuss the latest trends, technology & Innovations and see what it has in store for organizations in the times to come.

    Being supporting partner, participation in this programme is cost free for all IBAI Members.

    We Kindly request all our Broker members to please Register Now –

    Details information / Poster attached Herewith

    Thanking You & with best regards,
    Alphonso Vaz
    IBAI Secretariat

  • IBAI’s Annual General Meeting held on September 24, 2021


    All Members

    Greetings from IBAI !.

    At the IBAI’s Annual General Meeting held on September 24, 2021, following new Directors have been elected for filling up vacancies on IBAI Board:

    1. Mr. Sumit Shantilal Bohra, representing M/S GlobeSecure Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, re-appointed as Director from the West Zone

    2. Mr. Ashok Kumar Jain representing M/S. First Policy Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. Pune, re-appointed as Director from West Zone.

    3. Mr. Narendra Kumar Bharindwal representing M/S. RMS ARC Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, re-appointed as Director from South Zone.

    4. Mr. Ciby Varghese representing M/S BimaGenie Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd. Chennai from South Zone.

    5. Mr. V. Gurunathan representing M/S. T V S Insurance Broking Ltd. Chennai, appointed as Director from South Zone.

    6, Mr. Rohit Kapur representing M/S Goldkey Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd Chandigarh, appointed as Director from North Zone.

    Our heartiest congratulations to all the winners and warm welcome to the newly elected Brokers from the North and South zones.

    Best regards,

    Sundaram Varadan

    Director & Hon. Secretary

  • Invitation to join 2nd National Insurtech Connect 2021, 24th September

    To ,
    All IBAI Members,
    Dear Members ,
    We are pleased to forward the invitation from Infomedia for participation in virtual 2nd National InsurTech Connect 2021, 24th September 2021 please note that IBAI is the Supporting partner for this event and participation in this event is free for IBAI Members.
    The program Agenda is attached for information please.
    Kindly use this opportunity to participate in this unique summit as delegates on a complimentary basis. REGISTRATION LINK is as mentioned here below:
    Please note, this event clashes with our Annual General Meeting, which is also on the 24th of September, and therefore it is suggested that Officials other than those attending the IBAI Annual General Meeting, may register for above event.
    Best regards,

    Alphonso Vaz

    Draft Agenda -National InsurTech Connect, 24th Sept, 2021

  • Election Notification 2021: List of Candidates

    Dear All,

    List of Eligible Candidates for IBAI Election -2021 is as follows…

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  • Election Notification 2021: Directors on the Board of IBAI

    Dear Member(s),


    Trust you and your family are safe and in good health.

    Attaching herewith the Election Notification for the purposes of electing Directors on the Board of IBAI.


    Members, who fulfil the eligibility criteria specified in the attachment are requested to send their nominations before 5.00 p.m. on 14th August 2021.


    The list of the eligible candidates would be displayed on the website i.e. by 5.00 p.m. on 19th August 2021.


    I have also attached the word copy of the document for convenience.


    Best Regards,
    CS Sandeep Parekh
    Election Officer

    Insurance Brokers Association of India


  • Guidelines of PI policy for intermediaries

  • Guidelines of PI policy for intermediaries

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  • Covid 2.0 : Impact on & response of Health Insurers on 24.5.2021 at 4.30 pm

    All Broker Members,
    We are pleased to inform that NIA is organising a webinar on Covid 2: Impact on & Response of Health insurers on 24.5.2021 at 4.30 pm. This webinar is open for all . Request you to click on the leaflet for registration and link.You can also click on the link given below for registration.

    This webinar being relavent to current times and open to all and participation is free of cost we recomend maximum participation from our Broking fraternity.

    For details kindly see the Broucher appended below.

    Best regards,

    Alphonso Vaz

    IBAI- NIA Covid 2.0

  • Amendment to Insurance Ombudsman rules

    All Broker Members,

    Dear Sirs,

    The government has amended insurance ombudsman rules, bringing insurance brokers within their ambit and also allowed policyholders to file online complaints.

    The amended rules have enlarged the scope of complaints to ombudsmen from only disputes earlier to deficiencies in service on the part of insurers, agents, brokers and other intermediaries.

    The government on March 2notified comprehensive amendments to the Insurance Ombudsman Rules, 2017, with a view to improve the working of the insurance ombudsman mechanism to facilitate resolution of complaints regarding deficiencies in insurance services in a timely, cost-effective and impartial manner.

    Policyholders will now be enabled for making complaints electronically to the ombudsman and a complaints management system will be created to enable policyholders to track the status of their complaints online. Further, the ombudsman may use video-conferencing for hearings.

    Further, insurance brokers have been brought within the ambit of the Ombudsman mechanism, by empowering the Ombudsmen to pass awards against insurance brokers as well.

    A notification dated March 2,2021 issued by Ministry Dept. of Financial Services is attached for your kind information.

    Alphonso Vaz
    Insurance Brokers Association of India

  • News Letters and Magazines

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  • Frequency of exams for BQP

    All IBAI Members
    Dear IBAI Members,
    Greetings from IBAI! Wishing you all a blessed successful New Year 2021.
    We are pleased to inform after continuous  follow up by IBAI with National Insurance Academy (NIA) for increasing the frequency of Broker Qualified Person (BQP) examinations and examination centers, the same has been agreed to.
    The same may be observed from the trailing email from Ms. Hemlatha T. Kolekar, COE, NIA, that with effect from Saturday, 6th February 2021  the examinations will conducted every month with the Number of Examination centers increased to 22 spread across the country.
    Sr.No. Exam centers Sr.No. Exam centers
    1 Delhi 12 Bhubaneshwar
    2 Mumbai 13 Bhopal
    3 Pune 14 Ranchi
    4 Nagpur 15 Jaipur
    5 Chennai 16 Lucknow
    6 Banglore 17 Patna
    7 Hyderabad 18 Chandigarh
    8 Ahmedabad 19 Dehradun
    9 Kolkata 20 Shimla
    10 Ernakulam 21 Guwahati
    11 Raipur 22 Panjim

    We trust this will surely help all our Broker members to encourage more and more  employees to get BQP certification & ease their operations.
    Best Regards,
    Alphonso Vaz
  • Minimum Information Required for Investigation and Inspection: IRDA Regulations, 2020

  • Minimum Information Required for Investigation and Inspection: IRDA Regulations, 2020 

  • Minimum Information Required for Investigation and Inspection: IRDA Regulations, 2020

    Notification issued by Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India

    Minimum Information Required for Investigation and Inspection: Regulations, 2020


  • Results Of IBAI Election of Board of Directors-2020


    All IBAI Members
    We are pleased to announce the results of Election of IBAi Directorsheld at the Annual General Meeting held on September 24, 2020..
    Following are the results:

    1.        Mr. Sundaram Venkatavaradan representing Abhivridhi Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.,  elected as Director from the West Zone

    2.        Mrs.Rashmi Ravi Iyer representing Global Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. elected as Director from West Zone.

    3.        Mr.Sandeep Dadia representing Aditya Birla Insurance Brokers Ltd., elected as Director from West Zone.

    4.        Mr.Mohan Sriraman representing Paavana Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.elected as Director from South Zone.

    5.        Mr.Surender Kumar Tonk, Advance Life Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. appointed as Director from North Zone.

    6.        Mr. Arvind Kumar Khaitan , Salasar Services (Insurance Brokers) Pvt. Ltd. reappointed as Director from East Zone.

    We wish to congratulate the newly elected / appointed Directors and extend our best wishes to all of them.
    We also wish to thank all our Broker Members for participating in the e-voting election process.
    Best regards,
    Sundaram Venkatavaradan  
    Director & Hon. Secretary
  • Guidelines on Standardization in Health Insurance 2016

  • Guidelines on Standardization in Health Insurance 2016

  • Continuity of Insurance Policies

    Continuity of Insurance Policies


    We would like to bring to the attention of policyholders that the Standard Fire and Special Perils Policy(commonly known as property policy)has the following condition:


    “Under any of the following circumstances the insurance ceases to attach as regards the property affected unless the Insured, before the occurrence of any loss or damage, obtains the sanction of the Company signified by endorsement upon the  policy by or on behalf of the Company :- 

    b) If the building insured or containing the insured property becomes unoccupied and so remains for a period of more than 30 days (Not applicable for Dwellings).”

    1. We are all going through an unprecedented situation of lockdown to battle the deadly Corona Virus.
    2. We do understand that in the current crisis it might not have been possible for some policyholders to send communication to insurance companies for continuation of coverage and obtain endorsements.
    3. Therefore it has been decided that a one-time relaxation is given to all policyholders whose property is unoccupied on or after 25/03/2020 till 03/05/2020. Properties of such policyholders shall be deemed to be covered subject to the policy being in force. All other terms and conditions of the policy remain unaltered.
    4. Policyholders are requested to contact their respective Insurance Company in case of any doubt / difficulty.

    Click here for more details

  • GIC unoccupied Circular


    Re: Suspension of certain policy conditions during lockdown period

    This is in response to the subject letter dated 13th April 2020 requesting GIC Re’s views on the same.

    The Government has declared lockdown due to outbreak of Coronavirus and the phase 1 of lockdown which ended on 14th April 2020 has been extended to May 3,2020. There is however some likelihood of partial lifting of the lockdown in some places effective 20th April 2020.

    The Government has also declared insurance as an essential service and reasonable sized organisations across industries are working online to keep their businesses running.

    As a treaty reinsurer, we rely on the prudence and competence of insurers to take decisions in the matter and would normally not enforce our views. As a basic tenet of insurance, the insured is expected to behave as though he is uninsured and take all reasonable measures with due diligence and do everything practicable to protect the insured property in accordance with statutory requirements.

    However , since our views are sought, kindly note our observations below which may be used as guidance by insurers so that referral on each and every risk is avoided :

    1. Operational Policies

    • In respect of all Risks of Retail / MSME upto Sum Insured of Rs 5 crs may be shown leniency and allowed continuity of cover for unoccupied premises upto 3rd May 2020 or till such time the lockdown is extended by the Government , without taking written consent from insurer subject to all risk management systems and security systems being in place.


    • In respect of all other risks, since online facilities are available, insured may intimate insurer regarding non-occupancy of the premises and specific approval maybe given by the insurer for continuity of cover upto 3rd May 2020 or till such time the lockdown period is extended by the Government , subject to risk management systems (eg. Fire extinguishers, sprinklers, 24/7 security , CCTV cameras, electric power supply being shut down in storage blocks etc.) being in place and operational . Wherever the risk is deemed as a silent risk, insurer to be intimated accordingly and silent risk coverage conditions to apply.


    • In both the above cases, Business Interruption cover is not operative during the period of non-occupancy.

    2. Cessation of work

    • Cover may be extended subject to –

      (a) All Risk Management systems being in place (Eg. security systems , fire systems / power to be shut down in case of storage facilities /burglary protection systems/ flood protections measures / fences and video control systems / regular inspection service etc.)

      (b) Upto date progress work report to be provided.

    • Cover does not apply for ALOP / DSU
    • Any cover does not prolong original policy period.


    3. For facultative acceptances, since these would be mostly large risks and more complicated, all risks will have to be examined on a case to case basis by GIC Re.

    It may be mentioned here that no refund may be allowed on premium for any case arising out of these extra ordinary circumstances under which waiver of policy condition and extension of coverage is being granted.

    Hope the above clarifies our stand on the matter. Sincerely,

    (Devesh Srivastava)
    Chairman and Managing Director 18th April 2020

  • Extension Premium Payment

  • IRDA Circular BAP Returns 2

  • Providing mandatory medical insurance-IRDA

    Ref: IRDAI/HLT/CIR/MISC/093/04/2020                                                                                         Date: 16-04-2020
    Providing mandatory medical insurance coverage to workers as part of the National Directives of MHA, GOI
    Ref: IRDAI/HLT/CIR/MISC/093/04/2020.

    16th April, 2020

    All General and Stand along Health Insurers (Except AIC and ECGC),

    Sub: Providing mandatory medical insurance coverage to workers as part of the National Directives of MHA, GOI

    1. Reference is invited to Order No. 40-3/2020-DM-I (A) dated 15th April, 2020 issued as part of the Consolidated Revised Guidelines by Ministry of Home Affairs, GOI. As per the said order, inter alia; the following are stipulated:
      • All industrial and commercial establishments, work places, offices etc. shall put in place arrangements for implementation of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) before starting their functioning.
      • As per clause no. 5 of Annexure – II of the said SOP for social distancing for offices, workplace, factories and establishments, medical insurance for the workers to be made mandatory.
    2. In light of the above, all General and Health Insurance companies may offer comprehensive health insurance policies either to individuals or groups in order to enable the listed organisations / employers / establishments comply with the above referred directions.
    3. The insurers are advised to devise comprehensive Health insurance products with simple wordings, conditions and at affordable cost to be offered to the stated organisations.
    4. The above referred organisations should be able to continue the Medical Insurance Policy offered by insurers not only for the present situation but for all time.

    T L Alamelu MEMBER
    (Non Life)

    All Copy Rights Reserved. 2012 IRDA
  • IT Vendor for support to members on filing BAP Returns.


    All IBAI Members,

    Dear Members,

    IBAI is commencing a new service which will benefit most of its Members , this service will enable them to file their BAP Returns on time.

    As all of you are aware that BAP Returns have to be filed at regular intervals viz (Quarterly, Half Yearly and Annually )

    The Quarterly filing dates are from 1st to 15th of the month following the end of each Quarter (March, June, September and December)

    We have engaged an IT company named SOLUTION INFINITE NETWORKS LLP whose services will be available to all our broker members every quarter from 6th to 20th of the month.

    This assistance will be available from 8th July to 23rd July for Quarter 1 Returns and then from 7th Oct to 22nd Oct for Quarter 2 Returns and so on.

    The resource will be available from 10 am to 6 pm from Monday to Saturday except Public holidays at the Help Desk Number 9004349299

    Members facing problems / issues with the system or any trouble shooting issues can call at above Help Desk Number (viz 9004349299) and take assistance from this resource.

    If required the resource will take your PC on remote and try to help you to resolve the issue.

    The resource will not be able to help or comment on the Data part as he is just there for Hardware and Software issue.

    We will try and get him engaged with IRDAIs BAP Vendor Company to have better understanding of the BAP system during the course of time

    Disclaimer : This service is purely in the interest of assisting our Members (on hardware and software issues) and to facilitate them to file their BAP returns and it nowhere guarantees filing of returns on time as prescribed by IRDAI.

    If your problem still persists / remains unresolved you need to approach the BAP Help Desk team at IRDAI and raise tickets accordingly in prescribed time frame.


    Vijay Rampal

    Director & Hon. Secretary

  • On-line 25 hours renewal training for Broker Members


    All Broker Members,

    Dear Sirs,

    We are pleased to inform that the IBAI On-line 25 hours Renewal Training for Broker Members has been receiving very good response from our Broker Members.

    It has been IBAI’s endeavour to spread the Insurance knowledge to a larger section of employees of broking fraternity. Therefore has reduced the Training fee from Rs.2,000/- to Rs. 100/- plus GST 18% , to make the same affordable to more members and are encouraged to avail the Training facility established by the Association.

    We are hereby encouraging all our members to patronise on-line training through IBAI established training facility to their employees, so that IBAI attains the unique status of largest online training centre.

    Best regards,

    S.K. Jain

    Sr. Vice President

  • Webinar Lecture Series on Insurance for Broker Members

    Dear Broker Members,

    Further to communication dated 27/2/2019 from President Shri Sanjay Kedia, the Association has taken an initiative of webinar Lecture series on Insurance, starting Friday, March 8, 2019.

    The schedule of webinars till Jun 2019 is given below for your readily reference.

    The first webinar to be held at 3.00 pm on 8/3/2019 will be on the important current topic “Impact of GIC circular on premium”.

    All are requested to join on the appointed date and time.

    Schedule of webinars and the guidelines are given below for information of Members.

    Best regards,
    Alphonso Vaz
    IBAI Secretariat


    Schedule of webinars for the period March to May 2019 Topic Date of webinar Name of Speaker
    1 Impact of GIC Circular on Insurance premium 8/3/2019 Sh Hari Radha Krishana (hari@amicusbrokers,com)
    2 Cyber Risk 15/3/2019 Dr N Raveenderan
    3 Fire Insurance Coverage’s , Exclusions, Add On cover 12/4/2019 Members  are invited to deliver talk on any of these topics.
    4 Precautions to be taken while buying the Fire Insurance with case studies 26/4/2019
    5 Claim settlement under fire Insurance  with case studies 10/5/2019
    6 Marine Cargo Insurance with all clauses 24/5/2019
    7  Precautions to be taken while buying Marine cargo Insurance 14/6/2019
    8 Claim and case studies of Marine Cargo insurance 28/6/2019


    1. The topics at serial no. 3 to 8 are tentative and can be changed as per member’s request.
    2. Duration of webinar will be of 60 -90 minutes. The speaker has to intimate in advance the duration of his talk.
    3. PPT is to be sent one week before the date of webinar.
    4. No remuneration will be paid to any speaker but memento i.e trophy with the speaker name will be awarded.
    5. The webinar on the topic “Claims” will be preferred from the Surveyor.
    6. All webinar will be recorded for future reference and will be available at the website of IBAI, the same can be listened by paying the nominal fees of Rs 100/- per webinar.
    7. Any specific query of the members  may be sent to the speaker in advance or after the webinar  at the email of the speaker with a copy to
    8. IBAI will be maintaining the panel of  speakers, interested Members  are requested to submit their names  along with the topic to Vice- President shri S. K. Jain at  and IBAI at
    9. The link of the webinar will be sent on the email id available at the website of IBAI, therefore, all member are requested to provide the correct email id.

  • IRDAI (Re-insurance) Regulations, 2018


    All Composite and Reinsurance Broker Members

    Dear Sirs,

    Notification dated December 5, 2018, – IRDAI (Re-insurance) Regulations, 2018 which will be effective 1-Jan-19, is attached for your information please.

    Best regards,

    Alphonso Vaz

  • Constitution of Working Group for revisiting the Surveyor Regulations


    All IBAI Members.

    Respected Members,
    This is to invite your attention to below email of August 17, 2018, from President Mr. Sanjay Kedia inviting your comments and suggestions for changes and improvement on the Surveyor Regulations, addressed to all members.

    While we have been in dialogue with Authority on the subject, look for your feedback also on the regulations which would be highly valuable for us, so that consolidated feedback all the members could be placed before IRDAI for their consideration.

    Once again therefore, requesting all those who are yet to respond to kindly share your feedback with Shri Kishan Agrawal, Director & Treasurer, IBAI, at who is spearheading this initiative, with a copy to, within a week’s time and not later than October 6, 2018.

    Best regards,

    Alphonso Vaz

  • Online registration by IBAI Members


    All Broker Members

    Dear All,

    As you are aware that with regard to election of Directors on IBAI Board, e-voting provision has been incorporated in the AOA of IBAI. In order to implement the same, the data of members along with name of their nominated authorized person is required to be submitted to the Authorised Agency (CDSL) to mail the procedure of e-voting to respective members.

    Therefore it is requested that all members may kindly fill in membership registration form available on home page of IBAI website by clicking existing user or new user as the case may be.

    We also wish to inform as per provision in the Articles of Association of IBAI, the annual membership fee of the Association for the financial year 2018-19 is required to be paid before 30th June 2018, as otherwise the member will not be allowed to caste vote or contest in the election process.

    There are also some members who have not paid fees for earlier years and have been sent reminders dated April 18, 2018 and those who have not responded so far are requested to deposit the same to avoid ineligibility for voting and contesting the election.

    Members who have already done their membership registration on line on IBAI website may kindly ignore this email message.

    Best regards,

    Alphonso Vaz

    IBAI Secretariat

  • Code of conduct for members


  • FAQ’s on Insurance Brokers Regulations 2018

  • FAQ’s on Insurance Brokers Regulations 2018
  • Presentation on Brokers Regulations 2018

    IRDAI (Insurance Brokers) Regulations2018
    New Delhi/Kolkatta /Mumbai/Chennai
    Insurance Brokers Association of India

    broker regulations 2018
  • Online Renewal Training for Broker Members


    All Broker Members.

    Dear Members,

    We are pleased to inform that the IBAI – Online Renewal Training for Broker Members was inaugurated by Shri T.S Vijayan, Chairman IRDAI, at the XIV Brokers Summit held at Taj Krishna, Hyderabad on January 24, 2018.

    With this, a new chapter has been added with IBAI starting ‘online training for Broker Members’ for renewal of broker licence of members.

    The fee payable for the online training programme is kept at Rs. 2,000/- only plus GST, per candidate.

    Broker Members are kindly requested to register their names for the online renewal training through the training link provided for online brokers training on the home page of IBAI website.

    We suggest all the members to opt for Renewal training facility established by IBAI for imparting quality training for the benefit of Member Brokers and for success of this initiative.

    we trust that all broker members would support this initiative taken by the Association

    Best regards,
    Board of Directors of

    Insurance Brokers Association of India

  • Insurance Brokers Regulations 2018

  • Location of New Office

    All Members,

    We are pleased to inform that for the first time IBAI will be moving to an independent office at a new location from November 6, 2017.

    Location of New Office is at:

    A –Z Industrial Premises,
    1st  Floor, Unit no. 165,
    G.K. Marg. Lower Parel,
    Mumbai – 400 013.

    During the shifting process, there will be temporary restricted service available to IBAI members for a couple of days.

    There will be telephone call transfer facility available from existing number for some time till we get a new Number (which will be intimated in due course) and you may continue to contact us on  existing telephone number 22846544. The email id’s and and cell no. 9820045606, will continue to remain  the same.

    We will strive for providing the excellent service and look forward to your continued support.. 

    Best Regards,
    Alphonso Vaz
    IBAI Secretariat